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                水產科技 高級市場溝通專員招聘

                工作地點 上海(華東地區)
                所在行業 水產
                招聘人數 1人
                招聘方式 全職
                月  薪 面議


                工作經驗 3年以上
                學歷要求 本科
                性別要求 不限
                年齡要求 不限
                外語要求 英語
                崗位描述 1. execute projects such as advertising and promotion activities, communication and PR strategies
                2. Develop internal and external materials and communication which increase marketing effectiveness
                3. With the marketing team, organize marketing, public relations and communication efforts; develop advertising and literature
                4. Work with media sources including video, audio, print, and digital
                5. Manage domestic and, likely, international tradeshows
                應聘要求 1. Bachelor’s degree preferably in marketing, communications, journalism, event management or public relations
                2. Minimum of 3 years previous solid Marcom experiences in multicultural environment
                3. Solid understanding and practical hands-on knowledge of various forms of media
                4. Be flexible to work/responsibilities adjustment
                5. Good anti-pressure ability.
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